CAA is known and respected for its rolling programme of skilfully curated temporary exhibitions. A range of thoughtful, well curated exhibitions, including thematic, solo and group shows, keep CAA in the public eye and attract visitors to the gallery.

We mount exhibitions to promote the work of our makers and to spotlight individuals and their work or specific disciplines. We often use these exhibitions to celebrate changes of direction in our makers’ artistic practice and to support the experimental. We endeavour to achieve an appropriate balance between the ‘commercial’ and the ‘artistic’; we have the confidence and standing to produce ground-breaking exhibitions of work that is daring and thought-provoking.

Current Exhibition

Present & Collect – a seasonal selling show – perfect gifts and objects to keep for life

CAA’s joyful seasonal selling exhibition offers a range of meaningful gifts at accessible price points, as well as high-value collectors’ pieces. The gallery has been transformed into a curated treasure trove, filled with a plethora…

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Future Exhibitions

Celebrating Janice Tchalenko

A selection of work from different stages in the influential potter's career shown alongside highlights from a new film on Janice, which will premiere in February 2020.

Jane Adam – Never The Same River

Jeweller Jane Adam’s career has been admired and respected for combining artistic integrity, ongoing experimentation and technical innovation with a grounded sense of practical reality. She designs and creates ranges of jewellery that appeal to women of…

Previous Exhibitions

Neil Bottle: Thirty Years in the Making – All That Remains

All That Remains - Chasing the Birds Away (work in progress) by Neil Bottle

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