'Precious Fluke II' ring by Kelvin J Birk

'Precious Fluke II' ring by Kelvin J Birk


Kelvin J Birk

Portrait of Kelvin J Birk

Kelvin J Birk

Kelvin J Birk experiments with the intrinsic qualities of materials, consciously disregarding what is traditionally considered valuable. These ideas have led him to crushing and pulverising precious gemstones and re-working the resulting new material. Stone fragments are bonded back together or adhered directly onto a metal structure, allowing the nature of the materials to dictate the final form of the pieces. His methods of construction are unusual and unexpected. Birk says, ‘I am creating something different and hopefully beautiful. The value has been shifted from the commodity value to an artistic value.’ This concept of ‘value’ has always played an important role in Birk’s provocative work.

Kelvin J Birk
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Kelvin J Birk
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