Wangle Bangle Stack by Kaz Robertson

Wangle Bangle Stack by Kaz Robertson


Kaz Robertson

Kaz Robertson

Kaz Robertson

Interaction and versatility are two of the most important aspects of Kaz Robertson’s work. She wants the wearer to be able to play with her jewellery, creating new pieces. Setting magnets within the resin provides a way of changing each piece easily- ring tops can be swapped, bangles stick together, neckpieces interconnect… Colour is an essential element in Robertson’s work. Layering translucent resin over opaque helps achieve a richer finish and a wider colour range. By patterning either one or both layers she can produce a diverse range of effects.

Kaz Robertson
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Wangle Bangle Stack by Kaz Robertson
Mega Reversible Rectangle Necklace by Kaz Robertson
Mega Bitties by Kaz Robertson
Bubbles Necklace by Kaz Robertson
Reverse Dot Brooch by Kaz Robertson
Square Rings by Kaz Robertson

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Kaz Robertson
Yellow Bubbles Necklace



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