Swirl by Jo Barker

Swirl by Jo Barker


Jo Barker

Portrait of Jo Barker

Jo Barker

Jo Barker divides her time between designing and weaving richly- coloured tapestries in her studio in Edinburgh and teaching part time at Glasgow School of Art. Her current work is part of an ongoing series of tapestries exploring themes which were initially inspired by qualities and patterns of light: transient and ephemeral starting points were translated slowly into woven form.

Barker observes that: “A love of working with my hands, of making things, and a very long-term interest in colour are essentially at the heart of what I do. My compositions employ a range of marks shapes and patterns which have evolved over a number of years, with recurring themes, creating a sense of movement and depth of field. The finished images are consciously abstract and ambiguous. I want to create a sense of something as opposed to an identifiable object or picture.”

Jo Barker
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Untitled with studio view
Ripple by Jo Barker
Dark Shimmer by Jo Barker
Swirl by Jo Barker
Pool by Jo Barker
Flow by Jo Barker

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