Ghost Bowl by Ane Christensen

Ghost Bowl by Ane Christensen


Ane Christensen

Ane Christensen

Ane Christensen

Ane Christensen makes contemporary vessels and wall pieces in metal. Christensen originally trained as a jeweller and continues to apply traditional techniques, including hand piercing, soldering and patination, to her larger scale pieces. Christensen used sterling silver for many years, but is now working purely in copper, steel and brass. This shift in material has enabled her to be more ambitious with the scale of her work, which is becoming increasingly abstract. All of Christensen’s work begins as a simple spun form or flat sheet of metal.

Ane Christensen
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Cube Bowls by Ane Christensen
Rain Bowl by Ane Christensen
Rambling Bowl by Ane Christensen
Ghost Bowl by Ane Christensen
Colliding Bowls by Ane Christensen
Storm Bowl by Ane Christensen

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