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We are delighted to introduce a new way of purchasing from CAA: Object of the Week. Every piece at CAA is unique and to celebrate this, we will be highlighting one item each week that will be available to buy online, simply click on the 'Buy' button below!

Forged steel ‘Cell’ by Junko Mori

Junko Mori’s work consists of multiples of individually forged steel or other metals, and the subtle difference of each piece results from hand hammering. No piece is individually planned but becomes fully formed during the making and thinking process. Through repeating little accidents, as occurs in the mutation of cells, the final piece emerges from this subtle process of evolution. Mori studied 3D design in Tokyo and then worked as a welder in a small factory. Her training as a professional metalworker underpins her intriguing pieces, which are unusual and often delightfully sculptural.

Wax coated, hand forged mild steel, diameter 11cm x depth 6cm

£290- SOLD

A selection of 'Cells' are available from the gallery, please contact us for further information: +44 (0)20 7620 0086 or email us 

Price including VAT (excluding delivery costs)
Contact the shop for further information on +44 (0)20 7620 0086 or email us 

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