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At CAA we offer a wide range of books on applied arts, from technical guides to monographs and exhibition catalogues on many makers. 

The range of titles is being developed all the time so please give us a call to see if we have what you are looking for, or if not, we may be able to order it for you.

We also stock a range of contemporary craft and arts magazines, listed below:

Ceramic Art & Perception  
Ceramic Review
Craft Arts International
New Ceramics

New titles to be found on the CAA bookshelf…

Painting with Smoke, David Roberts Raku Potter, £35

The only publication on this important ceramic artist, this expanded second edition discusses the developments in the last decade and highlights Roberts’ increasing stature as an international figure in contemporary ceramics.

The Real Thing: Essays on Making in the Modern World by Tanya Harrod, £20

Over thirty years, Tanya Harrod has written on craft for newspapers, magazines, and journals. As these essays show, there are no boundaries in her vision: art is considered in the light of craft, and craft in the light of art; design is present too – developing and sometimes separating from craft and art.

Making & Drawing by Kyra Cane, £30

Makers across all disciplines draw in some form or another, but often for diverse reasons, and using very different methods. This lavishly illustrated and thoughtfully constructed book sheds new light on contemporary artists' practice. It is an essential read for visual arts students, artists, and anyone who wants to know more about the secret stories behind the creation of these works.

Intimate: Jo Pond, £10

A 56 page colour catalogue created for the Exhibition 'Intimate'. Published in 2015 with an introduction by Jorunn Veiteberg.

Fabric Pictures: A Workshop with Janet Bolton, £20

In Fabric Pictures Janet shows you how to create beautiful pictures on fabric. Taking you through her personal method, she will guide you to find the inspiration around you and teach you how to turn your creativity into a textile project and develop your personal ‘voice’.

Crafting Exhibitions: Documents on Contemporary Crafts 3, ed André Gali, £13

Crafting Exhibitions discusses the significance of exhibition design as a framework for the perception of applied contemporary art. It also throws up such questions as ‘what is an exhibition?’, ‘how can craft be curated in new and engaging ways?’ and ‘what does exhibition design mean for the experience of the works and the exhibition as a whole?’




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