Claudia Lis

Since launching my studio, I have focused on developing a quiet body of celadon wares inspired by historic examples of Oriental stoneware and porcelain.  I assemble my ceramics in groups united by their related forms and subtle variations in colour, thereby creating a still-life atmosphere around my pieces. 

Iron oxide in a variety of forms and particle sizes is central to my work.  The soft green shades of my celadon glazes are derived from additions of finely ground iron oxide to the base glaze.  The same material, in the form of rust flakes implanted into the dusty glaze layer, migrates through the molten glaze during firing, thereby creating intricate markings reminiscent of ink stains on blotting paper, scorch marks and microscopic organisms.  More recent experiments have included the use of wire wool strands, bronze, silver and copper oxide powders to create variations on the theme of metal-induced staining.  On some of my pieces I use fine, linear incisions to achieve graphic effects, which are emphasized in their clarity by pooling of the glaze in the recesses.

I aim to encourage with my work a restful but inquisitive state of mind.  Inspired by John Keats’ “Song of Opposites”, my aesthetics brings together opposing forces such as randomness and control, immaculate surface and blemish, subtle colours and harsh contrast.  By uniting them in one piece I am stressing the complimentary character of these opposites and the potential for beauty and reconciliation that lies within these unresolved tensions.

Born  1969

 ‘Japanese Ceramics’ Master classes led by English ceramicist Lisa Hammond and Japanese ceramicists Ken Matsuzaki and Rizu Takahashi, Kigbeare Studios, Devon
2007  ‘Large Scale Work’ Master class led by ceramicist Svend Bayer, Aberystwyth Arts Centre
2006  ‘Professional Development Forum’ organized by Crafts Council of England, West Dean College 
2003  Glaze Technology Seminar led by Ian Currie, Stuttgart, Germany
2001  ‘Nordic Network’ (Training and Project Work for young Graduates), Ceramic Centre Guldagergard, Denmark
1993-96  Ceramics Apprenticeship and ‘German Chamber of Crafts Examination’ to obtain ‘Gesellenbrief’, Stuttgart, Germany

 Development Grant (Window Gallery Project), Welsh Assembly Government
2010  Exhibition Grant (Attendance at ‘Ceramic Art London’, Royal College of Art), MWMG/Welsh Assembly Government
2009  Awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in ‘Welsh Artist of the Year’ competition, St. David’s Hall, Cardiff
2007  Best In Show, Grand Designs Magazine
2006  Research Trip Grant (Market Research in New York), UKTI
2005  Project Grant, Arts Council Wales
2005  Export Award (New York), UKTI & Crafts Council of England
2004  Start-Up Grant/ Enterprise Award (Launch of own Studio), Powys County Council & Welsh Development Agency
1997  Travel Bursary (U.K. Placement), Leonardo Da Vinci  
Scheme, EU

Selected Exhibitions
 Collect, Saatchi Gallery, London
2009-13  Ceramic Art London, Royal College of Art, London, annually
2012  Clay 19, Woodbury Studio & Gallery, Devon
Made by Hand, Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, South Wales
2012  Launch of Window Gallery, Claudia Lis Studio, Wales
Claudia Lis Showcase & Touring Exhibition, Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre/National Eisteddfod, Wales
2011-12  Ceramics in the City, Geffrye Museum London, annually
2009-12 Welsh Artist of the Year Competition, Group Exhibition, St. David’s Hall, Cardiff, annually
Welsh Ceramics – now!, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, annually
2011  Endangered Species, Solo Exhibition, The Old Bell Museum
Claudia Lis, Solo Exhibition at International Ceramics Festival Aberystwyth, Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Oxford Ceramics Fair’, St. Edwards School Oxford
2010  Ceramics by Claudia Lis, Solo Exhibition, Brook Street Gallery, Hay-on-Wye
Roundhouse Exhibition, Group Exhibition, Roundhouse Designer Kitchens, London
2009  Stilton Solo Exhibition, The Old Bell Museum, Wales
20-20 Show, Solo Exhibition, Gallery Twenty-Twenty, Shropshire
New Member: Claudia Lis, Solo Show, Contemporary Ceramics, London
2009  The Welsh Table Touring Exhibition to Smithsonian Institute, Washington U.S.A./Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Ruthin Craft Centre Gallery/ Wales Arts International
2008  Art Exchange Arlington >=< Cwmbran, Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Wales & Lee Arts Centre, Virginia, USA
2007  In the Window Solo Exhibition, Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool
2007  Canary Wharf Window Galleries Solo Exhibition, London
2006  Catalyst Group Exhibition, Ruthin Craft Centre Gallery
2005-09  Origin, Somerset House, London

 Feature ‘Das Nuetzliche mit dem Schoenen/ Beauty & Functionality’ in ‘Art Aurea’ (German Applied Arts Magazine) by Walter Lokau, October
Feature by Tony Birks about Claudia’s work in ‘Ceramics Art & Perception’ (American Ceramics Magazine), June
‘The Ceramics Book’ (UK Directory), by B. Kemske
2010/2011  ‘Period Living’ Magazine and ‘House & Garden’ Magazine
2010  Recommendation by ‘Sunday Times’; ‘Financial Times’ article ‘Glaze of Glory’, 4-page feature about Contemporary Celadon Ceramics
‘Eye and Hand’, 4-page feature by Philip Hughes in ‘Ceramic Review’, 242
2009  Inclusion of Claudia’s work in ‘Ceramic Review’ article by Andy Christian
‘Craft Potters Association’ Publication: New Member’s Feature
2007  ‘Grand Designs Magazine’ October Issue 
‘Canary Wharf Magazine’ (Issue 20) covering Claudia’s exhibition in the Canary Wharf Window Galleries, London
2006  ‘Crefft Magazine’ coverage in the run-up to ‘Origin
Since 2005 Inclusion in ‘Crafts Council Photostore’

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