Billy Lloyd

“I make thrown porcelain tableware intended for everyday use. My aim is to combine a clarity of design with the nuances of making by hand.  I use porcelain because of its density and strength when fired, the purity of its colour and ability to enhance form.”

Billy believes that the ceramics he produces should be used and appreciated as functional objects that encourage us to re-examine our associations with the belongings we surround ourselves by.  What is its purpose?  What is it made of?  How is it made?  What does that mean to me?  These are some key questions that shape his understanding of the material world we live in.  He is committed to making objects that serve a purpose, are ethical and made to last.

“Whilst a distinct economy of form is apparent in my design aesthetic I am intrigued by the seemingly endless possibilities of combining material, form and function.  Take a simple everyday object such as a Mug for example: it is a vessel that contains a volume.  It has an interior and an exterior; a base, a foot, a handle and a rim.  The wall is of a certain thickness, and so the Mug a certain weight.  It could be cylindrical, oval, square or triangular in form.  Is it symmetrical?  Does it have a curved or straight-sided profile?  It is coloured, patterned, rough or smooth…?  Only when you start to unpick an object do you realise the multifaceted nature of designing and making functional objects.”
Billy Lloyd 2011

 Foundation Studies in History of Art, Cert. of Higher Ed., Birkbeck, London.
2007–11  Apprenticed to Julian Stair, London.
2006–07  Assistant to Lisa Hammond, Maze Hill Pottery, London.
2003–06  BA Ceramics, Camberwell College, University of the Arts, London.
2011  ERDF Product Development & Manufacturing Consultancy Bursary.
2011  Cockpit Arts Award.
2009  S.C.A.S.T. Project Award.
2008  Elle Decoration Approved.

  Boxer/Stockwell/Lloyd, North House Gallery, Manningtree.
An Edition of Fifty Mugs, Few and Far, London.
Silver Exhibition (curated by Ndidi Ekubia), Black Swan Arts, Frome, Somerset.
Origin (Tent London & Crafts Council), Spitalfields, London.
‘Wood and Woad’, Few and Far, London.
Dulwich Open House, Dulwich Festival, London.
Norman Ackroyd RA, North House Gallery, Manningtree.
2010  Anniversary Exhibition, Galerie Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode, Belgium.
Artists’ Books and Other Objects, North House Gallery, Manningtree.
‘One!’  New School House Gallery, York.
Origin (Tent London & Crafts Council), Spitalfields, London.
‘Billy Lloyd and Friends’, Few and Far, London.
2009  Vanguard Court, Winter Open Studio (guest artist), London.
The Lime House, se5 Architects, London.
Dulwich Open House, Dulwich Festival, London.
‘The Potters of Maze Hill’, Harlequin Gallery, London.
2008  Dulwich Open House, Dulwich Festival, London.
‘New Shoots on the Vine,’ Joanna Bird Pottery, London.
2007  Moonbow Jakes, London.
2006  European Makers, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Art in Clay, Hatfield House, Hatfield.

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