Susan O'Byrne

Our childhoods are filled with animal images, their many names, shapes, colours and patterns fuel our early imaginations. Throughout history animals have also been used in storytelling, legend and folklore to simplify the complexities of adult life. In the same manner, I use the animal form as a vehicle for the expression of human emotions.

I aim to give my animals a certain awkward vulnerability. This is achieved through a very personal making process. I make a wire framework on to which layers of printed and patterned pieces of porcelain paper clay are applied to form a skin. The natural twists and kinks of the wire frame and the shrinkage of the clay around it during firing are allowed to dictate the posture of the finished animal. The element of chance in these processes is central to my work.

Born  Cork, 1973

  Creative Scotland, Creative Development Grant
2003  Scottish Arts Council, Individual Development Grant
2001  Scottish Arts Council, Setting Up Grant
2000  New Designers, Highly Commended Award
CPA Charitable Trust Fund Award
Wildlife drawing and research in Kenya
1999  Edinburgh College of Art, Andrew Grant Post Graduate Scholarship
Edinburgh College of Art, Helen A Rose Bequest
Edinburgh College of Art, Andrew Grant Travel Bequest

  Artist in Residence, Kreisspk, Bernberg, Germany Jun-
2002  Artist in Residence Edinburgh Zoo

  Edinburgh College of Art, Post Graduate in Ceramics
1999  Edinburgh College of Art, Degree in Design and Applied Art, First Class Honours
1991  Grennan Mill Craft School - Co.Kilkenny, Certificate with Merit

Solo Exhibitions
  The Harley Gallery Nottingham
2011  Galerie Marianne Heller Heidelberg, Germany
Galerie du Don Aveyron, France

Selected Group Exhibitions
  European Makers Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Lavit Gallery, Cork
Ruthin Craft Centre, Ruthin
Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth
Galerie Terra Delft, Delft, Netherlands
Contemporary Ceramics, London
Ceramic Art London 2011, London
2010  The Harley Gallery, Nottingham
Ceramic Art London 2010, London
2009  Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow
Hallward Gallery, Dublin
Keane on Ceramics, Kinsale
Aberdeen Artists Assoc. Aberdeen
2008  Compass Gallery, Glasgow
2004  WVK Kunststipendium, Bernburg, Germany
2003  Talente 2003, Munich, Germany
2002  Royal Glasgow Institute, Glasgow
Edinburgh Zoo, Edinburgh
2001  Harley Gallery, Nottingham
2000  Collins Gallery, Glasgow
New Designers, London
Contemporary Ceramics, London

  Keramiek (NL) (Pages 14-15) Jun
Ceramic Review (Pages 28-33) feature article Mar 
2006  Ceramics with Mixed Media Joy Bosworth Aug
2002  Crafts Look Out (Pages 32-33) Jan
2000  Homes and Interiors Scotland (Page 61) Autumn
Ceramic Review (Pages 42-43) May
1999  Homes and Interiors Scotland Autumn

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