Teri Howes

I take my inspiration from my love of fashion, textiles, pattern and geometry. My mothers’ profession as a dressmaker means that I have always been around rich patterned fabric, thread reels, buttons, sewing and knitting paraphernalia.

My ‘Couture” knitted and crochet collections draw directly from these textile influences - literally knitting with metal. The individually repeated stitches become both the delicately intricate structure and the sumptuously glamourous embellishment. This is a ‘low-tech’ production method, a gentle, quiet rebellion against todays’ culture of ‘instant everything’.

My ‘Ready to Wear’ stencil collections have evolved directly from my graphic work - incorporating bold pattern and illustration. These ranges are characterised by their simplicity of line, their mesmeric geometry and their easiness to wear. Patterns evolve from all kinds of inspiration including fabrics, kimono designs, mandala geometries, islamic art and underlying patterns in nature.


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