Kyra Cane

Kyra Cane makes wheel thrown vessels from Limoges porcelain. The immediacy of throwing on a wheel is attractive to her – it demands full attention. Making decisions at speed is challenging as the maker’s hand transforms the clay from lump to vessel. As she observes ‘making for me is often about working with risk: surfaces react to the slightest touch, traces of hand and tool remain, bowls move and twist, materials melt and fuse’.

Cane’s fine-walled ceramics come in a wide range of sizes, some very small and intimate and others of grand, impressive scale. These are made in parallel with, but distinctly separate from, the drawings which help to inform her vessels. She often draws the same thing again and again, gradually extracting the abstract qualities she sees in the subject. As she tries to find balance between surface and form, the marks on her pots are imbued with memories of elemental places: ‘there are remnants in these vessels of the vast landscapes which have always been my inspiration’.

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