Jane Adam

Jane Adam’s jewellery pieces deal with certain qualities: a balance between symmetry and irregularity; the contrast between their soft organic forms and the hard cold nature of metal and the very in-organic means by which they are made; a focus on surface colour and texture; the containment of secrets within or behind a form; a consideration of what preciousness is; and an empathy with the wearer, making them feel more like themself. 

Adam says of her work: ‘There is something a bit rebellious about making jewellery from aluminium, one of the Earth’s most abundant, and so non-precious, elements. I enjoy experimenting with it in new ways, particularly when it is anodised to enable the use of colour and mark. Thus I try to realise its potential for beauty and for personal expression – by me and by its wearer. However, I am also drawn to more conventional precious jewellery materials – silver, gold and stones – enjoying their inherent beauty and their generosity in creating form and texture.‘

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