Rita Sarafian

Rita Sarafian makes small objects out of precious metal, using traditional silversmithing techniques such as forging and hammering. The act of moving metal via hammer work allows for the passage from solid to hollow form, and offers an immediacy which she wishes to convey. This is very much a material driven process; form and function follows the making, rather than the reverse.

The viewer of her work is invited to engage freely with the objects, which are meant to be tactile and approachable. Rita’s hope that some of her own curiosity and delight in the making process is shared by someone else.

Her latest work is a series of brooches titled “Communicating Vessels”, which thematically deals with notions of balance, tension, duality and sense of place. It consists of a series of tactile objects made out of precious metal, which are encased in but fully detachable from their stainless steel backings, in order to be looked at and handled in the round.  The viewer is invited to engage with them freely, through their own senses and associations.

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