Jilli Blackwood

Jilli Blackwood specialises in the creation of the “unpainted painting”. She creates in the medium of embroidery, weaving and hand-dying, working from her unique colour sense when dying her natural yarns and fabrics which make up her woven and embroidered paintings. Blackwood wishes to create the unexpected and delight the viewer’s eye but ultimately her goal is to make those looking question the function of fabric. Blackwood’s process of art and craft is an intense, complex and time consuming practice. The sense of beauty and symbolic quality in this work is created by the touch of human hand.

Blackwood believes that her inspiration ‘comes from above like a bolt of lightning; it feels like magic is at work’. She wishes she could say that her inspirational source comes from nature, that would be easier to explain, but this is not how it happens. Instead, she is constantly aware of the relationship between herself and the work, which is an expression of her inner state. Working on two or three pieces at a time, amalgamating the disciplines of embroidery and weave on a single work, is a freeing experience.

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