Hugh Miller

Hugh Miller is a designer and applied artist specialising in studio furniture in wood. Trained as an architect, Miller sees his work as small pieces of architecture, where the concept is embedded in the intricacy of the detail. 

His work is based on a set of design principles, developed during his Churchill Research Fellowship in Japan in 2015. Millerís work is made in British elm, Japanese bamboo and brass. These materials illuminate the duality of cultural influences that underpin his work. His breakthrough collection, titled 'The Coffee Ceremony' (2016 - present) uses the everyday ceremonies of life in Japan as the inspiration for one of his own, based on his ritualistic attitude to coffee. Within this context, the process of crafting the work and the process of making coffee emerge as the same: both are ceremonies of making.

As well as creating his collection pieces in his studio, Miller also designs pieces for established design-led brands, both in the UK and internationally.

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