Rita Parniczky

Rita Parniczky’s work explores ideas based on materiality, transformation, time and human experience. Her translucent material ‘X-Ray Series’ reveals its inner structure consisting of thousands of vertical lines. These lines, manipulated with a unique technique Parniczky has developed, the artist sees as the bone structure of the material.

Parniczky’s installation ‘Clearing’ presents a forest of translucent monofilament lit by moonlight. Large-scale screens forming the forest surround a clearing where visitors are invited to enter, observe and be affected by the visuals of light play.

‘Clearing’ introduces the visitor to Parniczky’s research on the visual transformation of her material with artificial light. As light makes its way through the structure it gives way to a spectacle whereby the medium seems to change and appear as glass or ice. This interaction between light and material fascinates Parniczky and she installs her work at specific locations and times to observe the different angels, stages and source of the illumination as time passes on.

The first installation of the series, ‘The Forest of Architectural Monofilament’, was shown at Contemporary Applied Arts during Parniczky’s first solo exhibition ‘Weaving with Light’, celebrating the artist winning the Perrier-Jouët Arts Salon Prize 2016.

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