Matthew Warner

‘After graduating from Camberwell College of Art in 2012 I began an apprenticeship under Julian Stair with the support of The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust.

I am a potter; I am interested in pots as functional objects, tableware in particular because of its indisputable link with food and use. I am currently making porcelain tableware ranging from singular cups and saucers to complete dinner services, milk jugs to teapots. I try to make pots that are elegant and that embrace the subtle nuances of handmade pottery. 

All of my work is thrown and trimmed on the potter’s wheel, which means that no two pieces are identical; it is through use that the variations become apparent and each carefully considered detail reveals itself. A brand new palette of rich transparent coloured glazes emphasise the fluid marks made by the tools I use throughout the making process. This is interesting for me not only as a highlight of the process but it also opens up possibilities of expanding the colour palette and exploring colours in different combinations to create dynamic groupings.’

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