Jill Shaddock

‘Fascinated by process and enhancing a technique associated with mass production, I explore multi-layered slipcasting to create unique objects. These take the form of individual pieces and collections of curated works, which blur the boundaries between the usable and the purely decorative. With a minimal aesthetic, considered forms and a refined colour palette, the work is highly tactile and the considered simplicity gradually draws attention to the subtle details. 

I enjoy the scientific elements and methods of working with colour; mixing colours to recipes. Testing, tweaking, repeating and documenting these experiments is a key starting point for me to develop work. Many of the colours I produce are mixed to replicate colours within photographs I have taken. These are often of abstract details from my travels. 

The forms of the vessels I create are also another important element of my work. I am naturally drawn to designing objects that have a function, where I enjoy the relationship with user and object, however I also design my work to be aesthetically pleasing as artworks alone.’

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