Emily Jo Gibbs

In 2005 I won an award to create a new body of work; I found it extremely liberating creating this collection. It was exciting exploring new techniques whilst still using many of the skills I honed making handbags. Much of my work at this time derives from my observations of nature, finding beauty in tiny bits of moss, grass or peeling bark. 

I became interested in the idea of nature tables that give gravitas and reference to collections of knobbly sticks, grass and other natural treasures. I started making hand embroidered drawings of sticks in Jam Jars, enjoying the quiet beauty of these everyday items. I found the change in pace between running a fashion driven handbag business and establishing myself as a textile artist quite challenging at times. Determined to make work that was personally and creatively rewarding I embarked on a series of embroidered portraits of my family.

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