Gabriele Koch

Gabriele Koch concentrates on simple forms, trying to integrate balance and tension, stillness and movement, expansion and the containment of volume, precision and spontaneity.

Koch’s most recent work sees a shift from low fired earthenware to high fired stoneware, combining rough black clay with white porcelain, giving her the opportunity to create strong graphic designs in contrasting colours. Koch’s inspiration for this body of work came from looking at geological landscape and how different layers of sediment combine in rock formations. This led to the idea of combining quite opposite materials like stoneware clay and porcelain. She became interested in the possibilities of linear patterns organizing the space of a three dimensional form, exploring how the dynamics of the line can change the energy of a piece. There is a development from the simple movement of the spiral to the irregularly spaced cross movements of a stringed pattern to the vibrational alignment of horizontal lines. At the centre of her work, however, stands the development of the form trying to integrate balance and tension, stillness and movement.

All pieces are hand built stoneware clay with inlaid porcelain, fired to stoneware temperature.

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