Jilly Edwards

Jilly Edwards’ woven tapestries are inspired by glimpses and memories of journeys, whether long train journeys or a trip to the local café.

The start for this work was a set of journeys from Exeter to Edinburgh and East Anglia. It took me through wonderfully diverse terrain and it was full of the yellow colour of Oilseed Rape. I watched as the field sizes and divisions changed, a dry stonewall, a hedge, a wooden fence and huge fields with no divisions. The black velvety soil of East Anglia, or dark hedges, leaning from the harsh easterly winds.

Edwards’ tapestries are woven either on a vertical loom made from scaffolding poles or on a small wooden frame, which is then tied onto the scaffolding loom. Using different weights of plyed cotton warp and a mixture of weights of wool, cotton, and linen weft, Edward’s mixes the colours and textures as she weaves.

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