Rebecca Gouldson

Rebecca Gouldson makes metal wall pieces for private, corporate and public clients, on a variety of scales, from the domestic to the architectural.

Images are captured in metal using acid etching and chemical patination, creating contrasting eroded and polished surfaces. More abstract wall pieces are etched with images of enlarged mono-prints, revealing energetic mark making.

The textures and pattern of the built environment form a basis to site-responsive work, often with geometric and organic motifs working in contrast to each other.  Gouldson searches for details of human interaction within this environment, which provide a key to imagining the history of a site.

Gouldson’s practice is influenced by historic industrial architecture, machinery and tools.  Beauty is often derived from the subject's function, and sometimes from its imagined function, when its use is seemingly ambiguous.  Sometimes it stems from the subversion of this function when industrial sites are abandoned or machinery is taken away from its original context.  Often perceived as printing plates, Gouldson’s wall pieces share this energetic beauty; through their apparent ability to create multiple prints they are imbued with a sense of potential function.

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