Karen Akester

Karen Akester began her early career in design and illustration before discovering glass. Since then she has combined her illustrative style with sculpture to create narrative works in glass and metal.

Within these pieces her aim is to capture a specific moment in time, sometimes springing from a childhood memory which she attempts to distil into a narrative. The recollections can be both intense and vague.  The awkward, sometimes lost looking children can find themselves in situations both farcical and distressing!  These works borrow much from folklore, literature and found imagery of the Victorian and Edwardian periods.

Striving to capture the fragile nature of these thoughts, the figures are sculpted in clay and wax, before casting. They can often be incomplete, deliberately so, with surfaces distressed and uneven suggesting an incomplete picture.  The viewer is invited to fill in the gaps and complete that picture, unwittingly becoming part of the story.

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