Karen Akester

Vestige: a visible trace, evidence or sign of something that
once existed.

I am attempting through my work to convey distant memories of childhood dealing with awkwardness and incomprehension, these recollections are both intense and vague. My characters seem lost, ostracized in their habitat. In my work I look at the complex, social groupings and an individuals response to there society. This can result in a range of situations which maybe farcical, distressing or both.
The children in my work are trying to find their place in a complicated world in much the same way as we adults are.

The techniques I employ are specifically chosen to highlight the fragmented nature of incomplete memory. The source for much of my work disseminates from ageing photographs and museum garments and I strive to capture the fragile nature of these in my work. The figures, modeled in clay and wax are likewise incomplete, the surfaces distressed and uneven suggesting an incomplete picture. Here the viewer is invited to fill in the gaps and make complete a picture in
their own mind.

The work therefore is fuel for the imagination.

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