Liam Reeves

While considering this new work, Liam Reeves decided to reassess what he believes to be his most satisfactory bodies of work: the ‘Warp’ and ‘Warp/Fade’ series.

These series embody many of the themes that Reeves considers to be the basis for his creative practice. They are three-dimensional forms mathematically described by their own structurally intrinsic patterning. They are made using excruciatingly difficult and challenging technical procedures cherry-picked from different periods in the evolution of glassblowing. And finally, they reference and highlight the visual language of the digital age.

Reeves revisited and considered how they were made. These pieces are constructed using a system of layering, using black as a base to highlight the pattern and then a white geometric pattern to backlight a coloured layer. 

He decided that this new body of work should be a deconstruction of this layering process, revealing the workings of the mechanism. So the forms are worked into, using cutting and grinding techniques, to give the feeling of a partial construction. The viewer will be able to see into the structure of the pieces. By using subtractive processes, Reeves can add to the overall complexity of the work.

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