Grant McCaig

Grant McCaig is a silversmith and artist with an organic approach to finding extraordinary beauty in metals and the idea of function and preciousness associated with materials such as silver.

Between Extremes

As a material Iím drawn to steel; it has a substantial industrial lineage, and strong architectural associations that I find attractive. The slender vertical lines that stretch upwards, slicing the dark metal surface into a series of jewel like facets of these vessels, reflects this history. The bridges and skyscrapers of our built human environment are all inspiration. 

Yet the heavily patinated metal, marked by scorching heat of the furnace is a vivid reminder of the ferocity and raw power of the processes used to form it. These forces are reminiscent of existing geophysical forces in nature; volcanic activity, the shifting earth beneath our feet. 

It is between these two extremes where we find the principles that inform this work. These vessels document a specific point in time, our place in history, the balancing point between our past and our future.

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