Adi Toch

Adi Toch’s practice as a metalsmith centres on the making of engaging vessels and containers that investigate movement, sound and tactility. The process of making hollow forms fascinates her as it enables her to work both with metal and space as materials, redefining borders between inside and outside. 

Vessels have been made and used across cultures since prehistoric times and became vehicles for addressing the spiritual needs of communities as well as providing functional solutions. Through her work Toch explores the morphological qualities of vessels and the potential of embedding functional objects with spirit.

Starting from a flat sheet, Toch forms and fabricates the metal using hammers and tools. Finishing techniques include texturing, colouring and patination. Each piece communicates through its sensory qualities and invites the observer to pick it up and look closely before revealing its function. Toch says of her work: ‘I am interested in the relationship between the spectator and the work as well as in the interplay within a group of objects.’

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