Alan Craxford

Alan Craxford is well-known for his highly individual application of hand engraving on precious metal, both jewellery and larger silver pieces. His work frequently tells a story or spins a tale of magic and wonder: the stars, the moon, the cosmos are favourite inspirations for his genuinely precious and dazzling one-off pieces.

Craxford’s work expresses a strong sense of colour and unusual surface decoration, in its use of a wide range of coloured precious and semi-precious stones and enamels. When used with the brilliant light-reflective quality of hand engraving, this combination of materials creates work immediately recognisable as an "Alan Craxford piece".

Also unique is his concern for symbolic subject matter linking the great spiritual traditions of east and west.  It draws collectors and individuals to acquire and commission work especially when looking to mark a significant occasion. To draw out the meaning for a client and to express it in the metal is crucial to what Craxford hopes to achieve.

Working constantly for 40 years, all of Craxford’s work is known for its very high standard of execution and finish.  This reflects the impossible search for perfection which gives a very particular intensity to every piece.

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