Jane Adam

Jane Adamís jewellery explores female sensuality, both in the nature of the forms themselves and in the way they feel when worn. Her most profound relationship as a maker is with the wearer of her jewellery.

Adam works with her materials, both precious metals and anodised aluminium, pushing them to find out what they will do. She sets out conditions so that materials behave in a certain way, applying techniques of texturing and forming, exploring and exploiting their particular properties. This approach gives her work an organic quality, which relates to natural forms and to the way they change and grow.

Adam has worked with anodised aluminium for thirty five years. With this everyday material, she creates pieces where soft marks in subtle colours exist on a shimmery, iridescent surface. Her original processes of dyeing, mark-making, texturing and forming have inspired many other jewellers. She delights in the weight and substance of these pieces and the inherent beauty of the metals.

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