Abbott & Elwood

Mike Abbott and Kim Ellwood live and work together, by the sea and moor just outside St Ives in Cornwall on the north coast in West Penwith one of the most spectacular pieces of coast in the country, with its incredible light, beautiful sea and wild landscapes. ‘Our work comes from the places and things we like - the beach, coastal walks, a paddle on our boat, a trip to far off lands… the things we see around us that trigger responses - a piece of coloured paper picked up, an old scrap from a junk shop, plastic washed by the sea, the colour of a wall with sun on it.’

Their one-off hand printed figurative metal sculptures explore narrative themes, loosely drawn…. individual characters emerge through the process of making, using images hand printed onto metal and found objects to tell a new story, creating objects with humour and pathos! Their contemporary collection of hand printed figurative brooches, with themes including the garden and the sea, are made to wear, to display and, hopefully, to bring a smile! Their work can be found in many public and private collections and is widely exhibited internationally.

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