Joining CAA

Are you a UK-based crafts professional?

Do you:
- Have an excellent knowledge of your material?
- Demonstrate exceptional skill in making?
- Produce work of the highest quality?
- Show originality?
- Have a strong identity and personal voice?

If yes, apply to be a member of CAA.

Exhibit and sell your work through an established central London venue.

Become part of a network of highly respected and talented makers.
Applications are considered twice a year deadlines 28/29 February and 30 September. 

Please read through the Application Information carefully before sending your application

Download the Application Information (Word document)

Download the Application Form (Word document)

Download the Application Information (Acrobat pdf format)

Download the Application Form (Acrobat pdf format)

Please also check the dates for the application process

Membership Selection Panel 2015
John Creed (Metal)
Sarah Kay (Wood/Furniture)
Alice Kettle (Textiles)
Jacqueline Mina (Jewellery)       
Simon Moore (Glass)                    
Janice Tchalenko (Ceramics)

Please note individual feedback will not be given to unsuccessful applicants.

Applicants must not approach the selection panel directly. This would lead to disqualification

If you have any questions, please contact us on 020 7620 0086

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