London Craft Week

& The Crafted City

07.05.15 - 10.05.15

This May, The Crafted City will present a week of informative and interactive events for the inaugural staging of London Craft Week, 6-10 May 2015, aimed to demonstrate excellence in craftsmanship and celebrate the role of making.

An innovative, specially-built pavilion – perfectly encapsulating the ethos of London Craft Week – will provide an elegant setting for the showcasing of exemplary applied arts, all one-off and handmade, whilst serving as a crafted object in and of itself. Designed and made by leading British craftspeople, working across a range of disciplines, The Crafted City pavilion will offer a flexible space for audiences to meet, talk, learn about and explore craft. At the same time it will be a hub from which one can explore the week’s other activities dotted throughout the capital, highlighting the richness and diversity of London’s many creative neighbourhoods. London’s proud heritage as a continuing creative incubator will shine through all elements of the project and visitors will benefit from a dynamic and engaging programme of talks, demonstrations and making sessions.

This joint initiative, generously supported using public funding by the National Lottery through the Arts Council's Grants for the arts programme, will centre around the construction of a purpose-built pavilion situated at Contemporary Applied Arts in the Borough of Southwark, an area renowned for its tin-glazed pottery, glass and leather tanning – materials which will be interwoven throughout both the making of the pavilion and the activities to which it will play host during London Craft Week.

Christine Lalumia, Executive Director of Contemporary Applied Arts: “Our maker members are using ancient skills, many of which are in danger of being lost forever, and interpreting them in their own unique voice and in contemporary idiom. The results are often both stunning and thought-provoking.”

Guy Salter, Founder of London Craft Week: “This public work, funded by the Arts Council, will help to establish London Craft Week as the most influential event of its kind; featuring the best and brightest international makers and, as a result, attracting an ever-increasing quality and volume of collectors and patrons to London this May”.

Joyce Wilson, Area Director, London, Arts Council England: “The Crafted City is an innovative project that really embodies craft, not just in its construction, but also in its function. We are pleased to be able to support this project, which will form an important part of the inaugural London Craft Week.”


The Crafted City Pavilion

A pop-up Space for Making at Contemporary Applied Arts

Did you know that Bankside was once a hub for pottery and hot glass blowing? And that Clerkenwell was famous for clocks and scientific instruments? London is filled with hidden craft stories like these...

Come and explore The Crafted City – a place to make, see, do, learn and be amazed.

The CAA Members involved in The Crafted City are;

Dylan Bowen
Daphne Carnegy
Robert Cooper

John Creed

Stewart Hearn
Kate Maestri
Michael Ruh
Helen Slater
Simon Moore

Michelle House

Ray Key
Alex MacDonald

Thursday-Sunday 7-10 May 2015

Opening Times

Thursday-Sunday 10am-4.30pm: Pavilion open to all (community workshops, which are not public, taking place throughout Thursday and Friday)

Public Events

Thursday-Sunday 12.45-1.30pm: Lunchtime Demonstrations (free/no booking required)

Saturday 10.15am-12.15pm and 2.30-4.30pm: Public Drop In Workshops (free/no booking required)

Sunday 2.30-4.30pm: Public Workshop (free/booking essential) 



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