Echoes of Process

Metal by Adi Toch

3 May - 9 June 2018

Echoes of Process invites reflection on the often-overlooked or discarded traces of the making process. Aspects of actions are carefully recorded through a collection of reconsidered fragments, containing remnants of objects or materials. Vinyl gloves covered with brass dust are evocative of the subtle surface treatment and the action of subtraction as well as the makerís hand, while binding wire silhouettes used for soldering create an installation of the ghosts of vessels. The story of making in metal is told through what is left behind.

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Bone china: Tempting translucency

CAA will spotlight a new body of work in a new colour palette from ceramicist Sasha Wardell during London Craft Week. Sasha Wardell has over 30 years experience in the world of bone china and porcelain. Having studied in two centres of excellence Ė Stoke-on-Trent and Limoges, France Ė she has taken elements of the industry and adapted them to a studio environment. Each piece is individually made using industrial processes and techniques which aim to highlight the translucent aspect of the material. Wardellís hallmark style, a distinctive combination of pure white slip cast bone china, treated with unique decorating techniques and finished in a carefully chosen palette of muted, subtle colours, has made her work highly collectible. She is also a sought-after teacher who runs residential courses in South West France in the summer months.


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