Richard Batterham: A Life in Pots

5 October - 5 November 2016

Contemporary Applied Arts is delighted to host a retrospective celebrating the work of Richard Batterham. A Life in Pots will explore 57 years of making, in which an engagement with clay and the entire process of potting has sustained and nourished Batterham’s practice. Although rooted in tradition, the work is at the same time fresh and modern, reflecting Batterham’s complete integration of life and work. His has always been a dissenting workshop. 

Batterham’s pots have a consistency of form and intent, coupled with an aesthetic clarity and sense of calm, which are quite remarkable in our frenetic world. He has created a unique framework for creativity that has much to teach younger artists. Appreciated by collectors across the world, his disciplined, spare and serene pots come into their own through frequent use. They also have a powerful sculptural presence. His forms, glazes and mark-making enhance and transform their surroundings and belong to the present and to the future. But his work also takes us back to early days of studio pottery when it was a truly radical movement, one of the loveliest and most unexpected breakthroughs of British modernism.

Richard Batterham in his studio, 2016

Richard Batterham pots in the studio


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