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Showcasing work by Bert Marsh, Grant McCaig and Angus Ross.

Bert Marsh

Grant McCaig

Angus Ross


Bert Marsh was a wood turner of extraordinary skill, using simplicity of form to show the natural beauty of the wood.

He said: ‘From an early age, I have felt a profound need to work with wood; I love the material passionately. There is no complex philosophy attached to the work I do; I am simply striving to achieve the perfect form, the purest possible curves expressed in simple, uncluttered shapes that will expose the beauty of the wood to the full. In seeking that goal I find my inspiration in many everyday objects, but most of all I am inspired by the wood itself.’

Bert’s work has been exhibited and collected internationally.


Grant McCaig is a silversmith with an organic approach to finding extraordinary beauty in metals.

‘In this current body of work I have chosen to work exclusively with iron and silver. I like this combination of materials as both carry particular histories and expectations. Iron, a black metal, emerges from an industrial landscape, whereas silver, a white metal, is domestic and decorative, and this difference creates tension. As a maker I am drawn to the working properties of the two metals, the hardness and robustness of the iron offset against the soft malleable silver. They struggle to work together, to connect. I am exploring these connections, looking for a point where the two can exist in one object.’


Angus Ross has a deep understanding of the design process and a flair for creating pure and beautiful work that is a joy to use. He bends, moulds, sculpts and folds wood combining traditional craft techniques with innovation and the latest technology to create remarkable furniture and functional public art.

Prior to working as a furniture maker Angus graduated with BSc Industrial Design from Napier University, Edinburgh and during the 1980s he designed for high street brands including Mothercare and Boots.

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