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We occupy a lovely cabinet at Freshfields, 65 Fleet Street, where we showcase a changing selection of CAA members work…

Now on show: Laura Birdsall and Natasha Daintry

Laura Birdsall

Natasha Daintry

Laura Birdsall: ‘I make blown glass vessels with strong sculptural qualities. My inspiration is often some small detail in nature, such as a seed pod of a fish's fin. Continuing themes in my work are the relationship between the interior and exterior of a vessel and decoration that is integral to the form.

Many pieces have an intensely worked exterior surface and rim. This is achieved by meticulous and time consuming cutting, by hand, using a traditional lathe. Each unique piece is then sandblasted and acid dipped to create a soft satin texture, which is beautifully tactile.

As a maker I experience the hot material as soft and luminous and I try to preserve these qualities in the finished work. By layering transparent and opaque colours, I create vibrant and translucent objects that change with natural light, through the day.’

Natasha Daintry: ‘My thrown forms are pared-down and minimal. Their potency comes from a tension of opposites. They defy gravity with their floating pale rims but are also steeped in a visceral materiality. The glazes are fat. They overflow and roll over plump bases with an edible quality, like luminous lemon curd. I revel in the exhilarating risk of making technically demanding large forms to show off porcelain’s muscular power and simultaneous delicacy. The scattered cylinders are tiny but intense, like Persian miniature paintings.

Colour is pivotal. I try to harness the near physical power it has to immerse you, like being in water. I want to know if that luminous space inside a bowl, where the colour hovers, can increase in intensity. I combine the cool transparent qualities of old Chinese glazes with the hot raw brashness of modern industrial stain colorants. Inspired by the ancient architecture of ziggurats I stack colour and rely on the way one colour reacts with another to create a kinetic vibrancy, like an electrical charge.’

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