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coiled form using blends of stoneware & red clay
95cm high


coiled form using blends of stoneware & red clay
85cm high

Showcasing work by Steve Buck

Steve Bucks themes are drawn from our physical and psychological experiences of the world. He aims to elicit potent subjective associations and to evoke personal narratives.

His artefacts convey an extreme version of ceramic fragility, whilst exposing that which so often prefers to hide and be hidden the comforting interior space of the clay vessel. In Eversion 1, for example,  the internal and external become so confused that they imperceptibly change places. The laboriously slow building process allows the gradual transformation of common terra cotta into one of the most valuable clay bodies, thereby creating an expression of the possibility of change. The systematic blending of the two clay bodies results in forty-two individual tonal variations which are carefully used in strict sequence.

Technique is integral to idea. The use of incompatible clay bodies has long dominated his work and he uses them to help distort the forms or produce similarly dramatic results.

65 Fleet Street, London  EC4Y 1HS
020 7936 4000
(By Appointment)


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