Miriam Hanid

The essence of movement in water is the inspiration for my work. Water is synonymous with nature, human beings and love in all its physical and metaphorical representations. In water there is an endless range of forms and patterns, each with its own unique and intricate beauty, never repeating, giving me an infinite visual language with which to express my ideas.

I find silver the ideal medium to work in
as it is sensitive to heat, moisture, movement and emotion, and is multi-dimensional just as water is. It reflects 98 per cent of light and can look transparent, so it is the perfect material for representing water.

I create the forms in silver using embossing techniques such as chasing, repoussť and forming to push the silver into contours with a series of punches. I use wide nylon punches to push deep curves into the silver and fine steel punches to create defined patterns.




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