Gareth Neal

My furniture design studio was established in 2002 and is currently located in the heart of North East London.

The studioís varied spectrum of business ranges from individual pieces for the international collectors market, to bespoke commissions for private clients, to the design of production pieces for industry.

I am also researching, through Brighton University, the relationships between traditional processes and digital manufacture, evolving designs that intuitively engage with tacit qualities embedded within materials, processes, and function.

In Pursuit of Carbon Neutral was a 10 day project in 2012 in which I challenged myself and the mass production methods within the furni- ture Industry, from the factory/workshop setting to the delivery itself. By using a workshop, set up in the woods, and cycling to and from the woodland, I collected data to calculate the carbon output of the whole process from start to finish.
The purpose of this exercise was to highlight the importance of provenance in relation to materials and local production, and encourage consumers and manufacturers to consider the related carbon footprint embedded within the products they buy or manufacture.




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