Tanja Pak

I work as an artist and as a designer.
I am constantly fascinated anew by the strength and manifestations of feelings and emotions, and I link them to the forms I sense in nature. My work is closely linked to water, fluidity, undulation and breathing. Glass, with its own properties, has become part of my vocabulary over the period.  Its mere glittering beauty and daily use do not satisfy me and I seek possibilities of going under itís skin beyond the visible, I explore its boundaries, and the boundaries of viewers, in the various contexts in which I set it.
I tend to reach below the surface, until the glass becomes merely the bearer of stories, metaphors, expressions; a skin of my thought. In spatial installations, individual units become parts of a story of greater dimension, inserted in the given space, which itself carries within mute testimony, inscribed on its surface like a palimpsest.
My appliable designs flow. They are the reflections of the sunlight in the everyday. Soft music in the morning, a feather turning in the air. They are undulation. Of water. Of air. Of light. Of my thoughts.




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