Lucy Alexandra Batt

I am passionate about colour and in particular the way nature combines colour.  I strive to capture these sublime qualities in my work. I am inspired by the things in life that radiate sentiment, from old wallpaper patterns that inspire a memory of home to old lace or flowers that have a fond and romantic history.  These inspirations are abstracted and reflected, bound up in a pattern, they flow out of my work as a layer of colour that is revealed from beneath another by my carving.

The first step in my process is drawing, it allows me to fully absorb the beauty I find in the things I see.  In creating my own repeating pattern I can express my sentiment, much like the repeating lyrics of a song.

As a student I found myself seeking a way to combine my love for aesthetics with my desire to embrace a craft that I could dedicate a lifetime to mastering.  I found this in glass and continue to be captivated by this material, revelling in the challenges it poses and the rewarding results it gives in return.

As a working artist I specialise in engraving glass and work with glass blowers and most regularly with Charlie Macpherson.  Working with blown glass allows me to design vessels with the fine layers of overlaid colour that my engraving requires. 


Sandblasting allows me to achieve depth and precision.  I use vinyl resists, which are hand cut or cut directly from my drawings. I am driven by my desire to maintain perfection in the quality of line.

My blasting process is meticulous in order to preserve the tiny dots and fine lines that make up the detail of my patterns. 

Each vesselís design and coloured layers are conceived precisely to bear the pattern that will be engraved onto it.  I enjoy symmetry in my work and strive for this characteristic; as a result I require exceptional control of the naturally free glass blowing process. I value the collaborative nature of working with talented glass blowers, who are an inspiration to me in themselves.




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