Liam Reeves

Working exclusively with blown glass, I utilise advanced techniques developed during the medium’s two millennia of rich history. I learn, practice and adapt these methods in order to explore themes and ideas informed by my own experience… An experience influenced in no small way by the evolution of technological progression.

As technology advances, the ways that we perceive, understand, and influence the world around us are changing. As more aspects of human existence permeate through a filter of electronic manipulation, actual experience becomes entwined with the virtual. Through the use of digital tools, it becomes possible to understand form in terms of mathematical co-ordinates, existing only in a theoretical space. It also becomes possible to edit the audible and the visible, fragmenting and reconfiguring moments to transform and give them new meaning. In parallel, the concept of craftsmanship itself is also transforming; skill in using digital media is being equated with skill in manipulating molten glass or other materials.

I use the tradition, technique and language of glassblowing as a lens through which to explore the effect technological advance has on the ways that we interface with our environment…




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