Keeryong Choi

My aim for this body of works is to explore how the ambiguity in individuals’ cultural interpretation can be expressed in my creative practice as a glass artist. My artistic approach to the subject of cultural study in glass art inspired by my personal experiences in foreign cultures. Developing inlaid colouring technique inspired by the ancient Korean “Saggam” pottery technique allows me to explore the subject of ambiguity by delineating geometric patterns and counterfeit letters onto my glass artworks. The glass technique also provides potentials to claim its cultural identity.

The investigation has been conducted for two and a half years as a part of my PhD research subject. The central aim for the investigation is to identify similarities and differences of cultural groups in aesthetic perceptions of visual experiences particularly related to unfamiliarity with materials and images on the surface of material which will help me to explore particular responses from different cultural groups. I believe that my artworks allow me to provoke the feeling of “uncanny” from viewers in the course of aesthetic experience. Providing unfamiliar images to familiar material or vice versa is to investigate individuals’ performance on analyzing process to draw certain aesthetic responds.




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