Katharine Coleman

A freelance glass engraver and designer, Katharine Coleman engraves on blown, colour overlaid, clear lead crystal forms which are blown to her design. Her work requires close collaboration with glassblowers Potter Morgan Glass and Sonja Klingler.  The top surface of the glass is cut, ground and polished so that when the glass form is engraved on the outside surface, it is also possible to look inside the piece, to see all the refractions of the outside repeated on the inner surface, creating an illusion of one body floating inside another. She is aware that the optical properties of glass provide a rich world for the artist, as yet little explored.

Katharine feels that wheel engraving on glass does not need to be traditional in style or content. Nevertheless, she uses many traditional techniques, engraving the glass surface with lathe-mounted copper, diamond and stone wheels, preferring the crispness and fine finish associated with these. 

The inspiration for Katharineís work ranges from natural history to the modern urban landscape. Her current work explores questions of transparency, fragility and beauty of Londonís modern banking architecture.




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