Jane Hunt

My interest and inspiration lie in anatomy. Recent work explored ideas of the bodyís situation within an artificial environment and artificial structures within the body. Specifically, deteriorating structures and the medical interventions to support them informed my work which lead to an exploration of the relationship between these elements. The reaction to environment and stimuli produces subtle, sometimes surprising, but often visible effects.

Further anatomical research has led to the repositioning of work in a more clinical context. These glass bodies are a series of intimate portraits using sensuous curves to convey the emotional impact of unseen forces. As external pressure is exerted, the glass body distorts and softly collapses, altering the internal space. This is constricted, suffocated, but draws attention to the dynamic surface tension and the forms to which this resilient material can be pushed. Bodies react to their environment and can bear inconceivable pressure but skin is thin, and indelicate touch can bruise.




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