Elin Isaksson

My current work explores using traditional glass blowing skills together with modern fibre optic technology creating contemporary and plush chandeliers for function and sculptural purposes to use for current interiors, dry or wet.

In day light the chandelier can function as a 3D sculpture and after dark as an ambient light source. I use several smaller blown elements creating larger structures by repetition. I strive to make my glass looking very delicate, organic and tactile by adding an aspect of slight movement within each individual piece. I like my audience to be engaged with the piece with the desire to touch the finished object.

My inspiration comes from the play of light, texture and movement in nature. The objects do not necessarily represent a descriptive picture of nature, but through the elastic, tactile abstraction it represents real forms in the natural world which fascinates me, such as snow crystals, ice structures and plant life.




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