Catherine Hough

All my work is based on free blown forms using a mass of clear glass which is then transformed through the use of cold techniques such as carving, cutting and texturing with diamond and carborundum wheels, grinding and polishing, and sandblasting and brushing. My interest in these techniques arose from a desire to further develop the blown form, rather than for surface decoration as they had traditionally been used.

Ideas and their development have evolved during my many years of practice, but there are some themes that have been fairly constant.  Pebbles, geological strata, birds, fish and plants are a constant source of inspiration.  Pieces on these themes include ‘Dancing Bottle’ a winged form in the Crafts Council Collection, and a three part ‘pebble’ structure in the V & A Museum in London.
In recent years my work has been based on large clear hollow forms with more interior space. Through the varied positioning of forms with no fixed base, or the use of multiple forms, I am exploring the reaction of changing light and reflection, and the inter-relationship of form and space. This continues to evolve with a new emphasis on the manipulation of images which are drawn from my interest in photography and the natural world. Through the use of these images on single and multiple forms, either abstract or functional, I am continuing the exploration of the interaction of form, line, and movement, transparency and reflection, that the unique qualities of glass endlessly facilitate.




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