Angela Thwaites

Rampant Inflation

'Stories give form to unscientific feelings',
Skvorecky, The Engineer of Human Souls.

Mould making and mould blowing glass are both traditional skills which have been used in a variety of ways, usually for repeat production.
In this new work, I have drawn inspiration from the approach taken by Schwitters, collaging together pieces of everyday building material with parts of moulds I originally created for lost wax casting.
Hot glass has been blown directly into and onto these spontaneous mould constructions to generate a series of entirely new forms.
These are neither functional nor sculptural: they are somewhere in between. They could be sections of moulds themselves, but when you try to follow and make sense of the shapes, they are only half seen, or disappear as your eye slides over and off the soft, shiny curving sides. Because the making process is spontaneous, further work could result in similar, but not identical, forms.

This collection represents part of a wider exploration of metaphors and stories that I am gradually working through using glass and a variety of other materials.

Produced in collaboration with Graeme Hawes at De Montfort University, Leicester.




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