Steve Buck

Steve Buck’s practice is situated at the boundary of craft and art. Few living artists can mirror the astonishing and varied technical skills that he brings to ceramic sculpture. His work encompasses and transcends the ancient form of the vessel and takes us into the parallel worlds of his sculptural pre-occupations.

 Harrow Studio Pottery Course 

  Unilever Portobello Prize
INAX Design prize

INAX, Tokoname, Japan
2008  Fuping Art Village, Shanxi, China
Solo Exhibitions
‘Parallel Worlds’ The Hub, National Centre for Craft and Design, Lincolnshire
2001  ‘Not awake, not asleep’   Kingsgate Gallery, London
1991  Commissioned exhibition to open The Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham 
Previewed at the Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
1989  Michaelson & Orient, London: Portobello Contemporary Art Festival
1987  Anatol Orient, Portobello Road, London
1986  Anatol Orient, Covent Garden, London

Selected Group Exhibitions
 ‘New Research’ London Gallery West
2005  ArtSway Open 05
3rd Ceramic Biennale, WOCEF, Korea
2004  International Academy of Ceramics, Musée Ariana, Geneva, Switzerland
2004  International Academy of Ceramics Members’ Exhibition, Cebiko, Icheon, Korea
2002  International Academy of Ceramics Members' Exhibition, Athens
1999  The Studio Pottery Collection, Cleveland Crafts Centre, Middlesborough
1996 10th.Anniversary Exhibition, Scottish Gallery
‘The Crafts Council Collection: New for the Nineties’ Shipley Art Gallery
1995  Kingsgate Gallery, London: ‘On the Shelf’
INAX Design Prize Winners Exhibition, Tokyo
1994  Portcullis Gallery, Gateshead: ‘Clay in Hand’
Designer-Maker Network of Northeast: ‘Undercurrents’
1993  Crafts Council: ‘Visions of Craft’
Turnpike Gallery, Leigh: ‘Vessel’
1992  Royal Festival Hall: ‘Arts and Crafts to Avant-garde’
William Jackson Gallery, Cork Street: ‘The Summer Seen’
Contemporary Applied Arts at the Economist Building
1991  Crafts Council: ‘Beyond the Dovetail’
1990  Edinburgh College of Art for the Edinburgh International Festival & the International Academy of Ceramics 
Mitzukoshi Department Store, Tokyo: ‘ The Great British Design Exhibition’
Bergen and tour to Trondheim and Oslo:  ‘British Ceramics in Norway’
1989  Bath Contemporary Art Fair  
Galerie fur Englische Keramik, Sandhausen, West Germany - ‘Change and Metaphor’
Northern Centre for Contemporary Art (and tour):‘The Harrow Connection’ ‘Unilever Recent Acquisitions’ : Unilever House, London
1988  Anatol Orient, London: ‘Six Ways’
Bath Contemporary Art Fair
1987  Anatol Orient, London: Portobello Contemporary Art Festival
1986  Third International Contemporary Art Fair, London
Kunstformen Jetzt, Salzburg
1984  Worms Museum, Germany: ‘Keramik aus England ‘
1983  British Crafts Centre, London: ‘December Collection’

Musée Ariana, Geneva, Switzerland
Benaki Museum, Athens
Crafts Council, U.K.
INAX Tile Corporation, Japan
Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum, Trondheim, Norway
Unilever plc, London
Victoria and Albert Museum, London
World Ceramic Exposition Foundation, Icheon, Korea




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