Russell Collins

Since my introduction to pottery I have been lucky enough to have met and worked with many major 20th Century potters.  These have included both Bernard and David Leach, Hamada, Michael Cardew, Ray Finch, Katherine Pleydell (Beano) Bouverie and particularly Nora Bradon as well as Harry Davies.  Whilst teaching at Harrow, Michael Casson, Colin Pearson and Wally Keeler have been influential.

I am very interested in all aspects of technical pottery.  Obviously this includes theory and its allied techniques.  I have made and produced commercially both geared kick and electric pottery wheels. The pottery has also been influential in developing basic clay bodies and some new technical glazes.  All of these have been developed whilst running Hook Norton Pottery.

Alongside individual pieces, repetition throwing has been a major workshop occupation.  Various pottery assistants have gone on to set up their own workshops and become influential potters. Among others these have included: John Jelfs, Janice Tchalenko, Peter Stakey and Jane Hamlyn.

Industrial ceramics and kiln techniques have been important.  At one time we produced a range of work sold to Royal Doulton in Stoke on Trent.  Various industrial factories have also made and produced work for the pottery both glazed and bisque ware.

Hopefully basic craft instincts, tradition and practices have not been discarded, and I hope that the work of the pottery reflects this.

David Leach called the pottery a ‘Hand Factory’ and in many ways we are proud of this description.

I am still excited by opening a kiln – even if it is filled with 500 pie dishes!

Born  June 1942, London

 Harrow Art School
Pottery Diploma – Credit

  Mitsukoshi Department Store, Japan
1975–78  Macys New York, USA
1976  Liberty
1974  Liberty
1972  Liberty
1971  Heals
1969  Heals
1967  Heals
English Gallery, Rhudishiem
Frankfurt, Germany

Public Collections
Craft Council Slide Collection
British Craft Centre
Victoria and Albert Museum
Tea Centre, Piccadilly
Oxford Gallery  




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