Matt Smith

Using craft, with its connotations of the amateur, accessibility and gender and exploiting its lowly status in the art world, the pieces both celebrate the mainstream and also unsettle it, taking objects from their intended role and repurposing them in new situations – creating a visual polari.

Through repurposing and reinterpretation, the work aims to question the stories we are told, explore those we are not told and allow a space for the viewer to reach his own conclusions.

“Ingeniously producing objects that are both reassuringly familiar and strangely new, vibrant and multifaceted, Matt's works are, in the end, irreverent reinterpretations of the ideas of kitsch - clichés that are first emptied, then filled again with ever more loaded meaning”. 
 - Oliver Winchester, Curator, Victoria and Albert Museum

 Queer Craft: exploring the other, PhD, University of Brighton
2005–06  Ceramics BA (Hons) 2:1, Westminster University 
2003–05  Fine and Applied Arts (Ceramics) Dip HE, City Lit 
2002 – 03  Ceramics City and Guilds, City Lit Museum Studies
1989 – 93  BSc (Hons) 2:1, Aston University  

 Art Council grant for Unravelled
Arts Council grant for Other Stories
Arts and Humanities Research Council grant for PhD Arts Council grant for Queering the Museum
2009  Arts Council grant for the Arts Award
Commissioned by ShOUT! Festival to develop new work
arc award, aspex gallery
2008  selected by Arts and Business for Visual
Arts Council grant for the Arts Award

Selected Exhibitions
 Unravelling Nymans, Nymans House, National Trust
Other Stories: Leeds University Art Collection
2010  Queering the Museum, Birmingham Museum and Art
DIY a Craft Revolution, Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh
ASPEX, Portsmouth 
Unravelling the Manor House, Preston Manor 
Arts and Business, London offices 
2009  ASPEX, Portsmouth
2008  Barbican Art Gallery, London
New Brewery Arts, Cirencester
Hove Museum and Art Gallery
Liberty Gallery
Victoria & Albert Museum showcase in partnership with the Crafts Council
Rare, MK-Artworks
2007  Paul McPherson Gallery, Greenwich (solo show)
Brighton Art Fair
One Year On, Business Design Centre, Islington
2006  Art in Clay, Hatfield

  Garcia, Edith, Ceramics and the Human Figure, A&C Black
2011  Petrie, Kevin, Ceramic Transfer Printing, New Ceramics 




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