Christine Pedley

Christine is a long term resident of La Borne, arriving over 30 years ago after attending Harrow Art College. She had no intention of staying but the spell of La Borne took over and she has adapted to the French lifestyle. Christine worked for several other potters including a short apprenticeship with David Leach before setting up her own workshop in 1970. Soon after, she and her partner drove their 2CV across Europe and Asia to Japan where she worked for a while at Mashiko and regularly visited Shoji Hamada's pottery and the wood fired kilns.

Born  1945, Watford, UK

  Overland travel with "2 CV" to Japan with Steen Kepp
1964-66  Studio pottery course, Harrow Art College, London
1963-64  Briglin Pottery, London

  A.C.L.B. "Meeting Between a Ceramist & a Painter"
2008  A.C.L.B. "Le Viaduc" Paris
2003  Guest artist, Gmunden, Fammerhofmuseum
2002  Exhibition "Salt Sisters", Gallery Secretaire, Meppel
1998  Exhibition "Salt and Soda" A.C.L.B., La Borne
1996-97  Exhibition "European Ceramics"
1994-96  President of the Potter's Association, La Borne
1992  Exhibition "Le Bol"  Galerie Léonelli
International exhibition "Art Boom"
1986  The Oxford Gallery
1984  Gallery Eva Maria Frûtrunk, Paris
1983-84  Guest artist, studio pottery workshop, Veghel Art School
1983  British Ceramics, Sandhausen 
1982  Ikibana Centre, Paris 
Paul Eluard Theatre, Choisy-le -Roi
1981  Gallery Potshop, Amsterdam 
1980  Gallery Pot Sierujk, The Hague  
1979  Galerie Remparts, Bordeaux
1978  Galerie Arts et Metiers, Toulon




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