Carole Chebron

As an artist working with installation, I try to give fragility and lightness to my work to approach ephemerality.

Each time it’s a technical challenge to create new forms by pushing the material to its limits. My practice is intuitive and serves a poetic purpose over time. It’s a meeting between an emotion and an object (ie. roses, apples, a dolls head). The symbolic content of these objects carries personal metaphors. I consider my work a 3-dimensional sketchbook, where the elements combine in relation to the space in order to exist and to take the form of an installation.

Appearing calm and quiet, my work is nourished by tensions and paradoxes that come from the violence of the firing and the rigorous nature of my practice. This very delicate world requires caring for each moment. My work becomes a game of paradoxes between strength and fragility, ephemerality and eternity.
I work with porcelain for its enigmatic qualities; it is precious and silent. In its natural state porcelain is an immaculate white. When light passes through, it becomes translucent, capturing and diffusing rays that navigate between transparent and opaque; the tones are constantly changing.

My installations are based on repetition, production and reproduction of the object. In the installation “Pommes d’A”, 282 red apples are suspended in the air. In “Nature Morte”, 850 porcelain plants lie on a floor covered in alumina. Twenty five metres of roses are assembled on a vertical thread to compose “Emotional Dependency”.

This quantitative relationship with the objects gives me great liberty of action. Detached from the singular aspect of the object, I can explore it in its globality. The experience of totality offers possibilities for sensorial, tactile and visual travel. It is no longer travelling through the object, but across the occupied space.

Born  1970

 Westminster University, London – BA, Art
2007  Goldsmiths University, London - Master, Fine Art

Selected Exhibitions
‘Sur la pointe des pieds’ (solo show) Ceramic Museum Rouen
2005  Le Corps. L’Atelier. Le Paysage - Biennale de Châteauroux
Pieces by eight new ceramicists, Westminster University, London
Nature Morte and Pomme d’A
2006  White Spirit, Fondation Bernardaud, Limoges; 
Céramique Fiction, Beaux-Arts Museum, Rouen 
Fragile, Kunsthaus Langenthal, Switzerland,
Installation works, Les Soucis
Subterranean Garden, Crypt of St Pancras Church, London
Installation works, Pommes d’A
2008  ‘La part des Anges’(solo show) Rutebeuf Gallery, Clichy
2009  ‘Regards Complices’, Languedocien Museum, Montpellier
Installation works, Les Soucis
2010  ‘D’après Nature’, Château d’Avignon, Camargue
Installation work, Pommes d’A
2011  Circuits céramiques, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris  
‘Eau’, Galerie Collection, Paris
Installation works, ‘Avec le Temps’ turtle shells
‘Fantômes et Cauchemars’, Historial de la Grande Guerre /Espace Culturel de Beauvais
Serial work, ‘Des Têtes’




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