Anne Mercedes

Human beings relate to their own planet in different ways, fluctuating between concern and neglect, pleasure and indifference. They live in an infinite universe, but rarely think about it, and mostly focus on spaces and times they can relate to. Sometimes though, they leave this familiar perspective, and some even dedicate their life to understanding what is going on beyond the scope of the Earth and the scale of a few thousand years. Putting such perspective in our lives, political decisions and actions are important to me.

We are caught in different scales of time and space: it is both a thrilling and disquieting perspective that I want to convey visually. I make sculptures and installations that in turn suggest what it would feel like to land on unknown planets, to witness the kinetic beauty of the Earth’s destruction, or its impact on human beings. The microcosm I am building is inhabited by landscapes, strange creatures and abstract compositions related to layered memories. It often suggests a micro-chaos – for the boundary between the two can become blurred, depending on the scale and issues through which we look at things and events. This is the very transition I am interested in.

When making ceramics, I use a large palette of clays and minerals and assign the firing a crucial role: it is expected to disrupt that which I have carefully constructed. In building the pieces and using components that are likely to melt or warp, I try to orchestrate the upheavals that the firing can bring. Once the pieces are removed from the kiln, they are ground or carved, and sometimes I incorporate other media. I seek to enhance the way the components move and to create a sculpture or a series of sculptures that in turn provoke contradictory feelings and stimulate thought.

Born  1965 Paris, France

 Ceramics BA (Hons.), University of Westminster, London
1988  Agrégée de Philosophie
1986  MA in Philosophy (Distinction), University of Paris I - Sorbonne

 Porcelain Another Way at Lapp Insulator Factory, Jedlina-Zdrój, organized by  Monika Patuszynska, Poland
2008  Artist in residence award II, International Ceramics Research Centre (Guldagergaard), Denmark
2008  UK Crafts Potters Charitable grant to participate in Network Project, Denmark
2007  Project Network award, International Ceramics Research Centre (Guldagergaard), Denmark

Solo Exhibitions
 Anne Mercedes, Master of Matter, Galerie Frank Steyaert, Ghent, Belgium
2011  Parcours, Espace Diamono, 12eme Parcours Céramique Carougeois, Geneva, Switzerland
Anne Mercedes / Nick Turvey: Brian Mercer Residencies 2010, Royal British Society of Sculptors, London
Rien ne se Perd, Rien ne se Crée, Galerie XXI, Paris, France
2008  Henk Wolvers /Anne Mercedes, Puls Contemporary Ceramics, Brussels, Belgium
Shedding Landscapes, Apple House Gallery, Guldagergaard, Skaelskor, Denmark

Selected Group Exhibitions
  Tradition and Innovation: Five Decades of Harrow Ceramics, Contemporary Applied Art, London, UK
2011  S'Imbriquer, La Maladrerie, Ecole d'Art du Beauvaisis, Beauvais, France
Metamorphosis, RBS Public Series 2011, Royal British Society of Sculptors, London, UK
Porcelain Another Way, Galeria Zskła i Ceramiki, Wrocław, Poland
2010  Circuit Céramique aux Arts Décoratifs : la scène française contemporaine, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris
European Ceramic Context 2010, Bornholm Kunstmuseum, Gudhjem, Denmark
27th Gold Coast International Ceramic Award, The Arts Centre, Gold Coast, Australia
2009  Ceramics of Europe, Westerwald Prize 2009, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany
UK guest artist at Adventures of the Fire, World Contemporary Ceramics, 5th CEBIKO, Icheon, Korea

Public Collections
Sèvres - Cité de la Céramique (French National Museum of Ceramics), Sèvres, France
Museum of Wałbrzych, Poland
World Ceramic Exhibition Foundation, Icheon, Korea
International Ceramics Research Centre (Guldagergaard), Skaelskor, Denmark
Media, Art and Design School, University of Westminster, London 




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